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Do You Feel Me? Conveying value

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If you live in an urban area or vicariously experience urban life via cop shows and crime dramas, you’ve seen or overheard hip-hopsters on the street, deep in conversation, ask, “Do you feel me?”

It’s an interesting phrase. I am quite taken with the precision of the question. Not simply do you understand me on an intellectual level, but do you feel me on a visceral level. I like the intensity and depth of it. I like that it is exactly what your brand should do: make the customer feel you.

One way to help the customer to feel your brand is to convey the value you bring. Not simply telling them in dry bullet points, but by evoking emotion through stories and carefully chosen words. You want to paint not simply a mental picture but a visceral experience. Remember the ads with Ricardo Montalbán talking about “rich Corinthian leather”?

Branding should strive to appeal to people through all five senses. Why? Because the more senses we reach, the stronger the engagement with the brand. The more customers feel your brand, the better they remember you and associate you with the qualities you convey.

For example, if you brand yourself as a dog trainer, you won’t make as memorable a connection as a dog whisperer. Ask Cesar Milan with his multi-million dollar enterprise.

So when you want to convey to your customers the value of what you bring them, share a success story, choose engaging words and help them live the experience. Make sure they feel what you can do for them.

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