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Through the Looking Glass: Entering the Land of Building Your Brand

Remember the early days of computer adventure games? I mean early. Text only, no pics, totally DIY, created-by-your-imagination visuals. "You are in a very dark cave. You hear feet running behind you. Tiny ax wielding trolls block your path. To the right is a steep precipice. You are carrying flaming arrows and..." It could really suck you in and scare the bejesus out of you.

For some people, setting out on the adventure of building your brand can seem like a dark, scary road, full of twists and turns, deep dark chasms, and more than its share of sharp-implement-wielding trolls. While you may be a decisive, successful super hero at what you do, you might find it unsettling to embark on a quest to build your brand. You are entering a strange land where they speak an unknown language. You are unfamiliar with the processes. And, it feels soooo out of your control.

But, it doesn't have to be if you prepare yourself with some basic tools and supplies to begin your journey.

  1. Goal. Your goal is the roadmap. It's the GPS that will keep you from veering into a dark hole. When choices need to be made, ask "Does this support the goal?"
  2. Value. Define your value. This is what makes you different/better/special. It is the tipping point to help customers choose you above another. Sometimes it is not the what but the how.
  3. Guidance. It’s just good practice to hire a guide. No one enters unknown territory without someone more knowledgeable to help him or her avoid the pitfalls, to steer clear of ambushes by dangerous trolls and to find the right path to arrive at the desired destination.

Donít let fear keep you from entering the land of building your brand. Understanding what you want to achieve and finding the right brand consultant to guide you can catapult you to success. Godspeed on the journey: may it be full of adventure and discovery!

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