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The Big Squeeze: Avoiding messaging that misses the mark

I realize that I’ll lose or terrify most of the male readers in the first few paragraphs so feel free to skip ahead.

I tried on swimsuits last weekend. I’m planning a beach vacation in about 10 months, so I figured I’d better start shopping now. I was looking for something special—a comfortable relaxed fit that somehow would make me appear taller, thinner and undamaged by the effects of gravity. Naturally, I headed (ran) over to the rack labeled, “Miraclesuits.”

I grabbed one off the rack that looked about right, but in the dressing room, discovered it was labeled four sizes larger than my standard size. Well, as long as I was there, I pulled it on anyway. Hmm. Comfy, but definitely no miracle.

I trekked back out to the rack and grabbed one tagged as my size. On the hanger it looked about one size larger than what Barbie has hanging in the Dreamhouse closet. I have to say the one leg I got into it looked stunning—firm and trim. The remaining 95% of my body parts not yet squeezed in, however, were picking up the slack. My arms, legs and torso started to resemble those balloon animals that clowns make for you at the circus.

I started to panic (maybe it was the blood forced to my brain with nowhere else to go) and thrashed about to free the svelte leg from the sausage casing…er, Miraclesuit.

Once I was safely out of the dressing room, my thoughts turned to—what else—branding. I thought about how similarly we treat our messages about our brand value.

We have so much we want to say. We try to cram it all into one snug package, bursting at the seams. The result? Rather than your audience coming away with a clear brand message, they are overwhelmed with information and sensory overload, and remember little. So to avoid this, here are some tips in developing brand messaging:

With so much competition for real estate in the mind of your prospect, don’t get squeezed out. Make it easy for them to try on your brand and you won’t have to rely on a miracle.

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