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School for the Gifted: Are you pushing when you should be pulling?

So many times I have caught myself looking like an alumna of The Midvale School for the Gifted. You remember, from the Gary Larson Far Side cartoon of the kid pushing on the door that says “Pull.”

When we are enthusiastic about our company, we tend to vomit out all the features of our service or products. We tell you all about how we do it or make it. We are shoving way too much information at our prospective customer.  Pushing won’t get them interested; it’ll get them overwhelmed.

What they really want to know is “WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME?” People don’t want to know how to make it. They don’t need to see the magic behind the curtain. They want to see clear benefits of how you can solve their problem, make life easier, make them more money and so on. Benefits lure, pull, entice, intrigue and create a desire to engage with you to learn more.

When I work with client to facilitate brand building, here are five examples of the survey questions I might use to help them define benefits:

When you are clear and confident in the benefits behind your brand, you can express to customers what you can do for them. And, that shows how gifted you truly are.

ID IQ: Is your logo working for you?Has your company outgrown the logo you used at start-up?
Did you never really have a logo?

Does your logo look less professional than you are?

Do printers and outside vendors have difficulties reproducing your logo?

Download "What's your ID IQ? This easy self-assessment tool help you see whether your logo is working to support your brand.

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