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Excuse Me, Your Brand is Showing:
The value of exposing your brand personality

“I’ve gotta be meeeeeee……., I’ve gotta be meeeeee…” I hope you are channeling your inner Tony Bennett and singing this song when you think about showing your brand personality in your marketing.

Why? For a couple of very good reasons.

First, memorability. Think of the last business conference or networking event you attended. Who do you remember from it? The guy or gal who showed some personality, of course! (You may remember them because they were someone with whom you did NOT want to build a relationship, but that’s good, too.)

Secondly, presenting your style, company culture, what your business is about upfront, helps set an expectation. There’s not all that awkward getting-to-know-you stuff that drags out the time for building trust and loyalty. Showing your brand personality performs an important triage function: those who might be your ideal client recognize a kindred spirit and begin the bonding process with your company faster. Can you spell “shortens the sales cycle”? Those for whom your company is not the right fit, move on. Neither you nor they waste time or resources trying to sell a fish a bicycle, so to speak.

One clever bit of marketing I recall (from years ago!) was a company who used humor on their invoices. After the payment due date, was a photo of a guy in Hell’s Angels garb with a pitbull and the caption “Meet our Collection Department.” That was memorable. It stuck in my mind and told me they took their business, but not themselves, very seriously.

So, be authentic and confident in showing your brand personality. Don’t be afraid to expose the real “you” in your business. You’ll reap real rewards.

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