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Consistent or Comatose? Taking the pulse of your brand

Consistency is a good thing. It sets expectations. It provides comfort that the brand will deliver on its promise. It reinforces brand personality.

However, an un-nurtured brand can slip from consistent to complacent.

How does complacency happen? We justify neglecting our brand.

The Top 3 Justifications for Not Nurturing your Brand:

[Confession: I can raise my hand on two out of three of those.]

Consistency Gone Bad:

Here’s an example of what happens, when we just get complacent. Take a look at The Donald. Go ahead. That hair is a train wreck: It’s horrible, but you just can’t look away. Sure, it’s part of his brand, but it’s the BAD part. Don’t let this happen to you.

Consistency Done Right:

So, take time this year—as I plan to do myself—to take the pulse of your brand. Consistency is an action word. Examine. Align. Refresh. (Hopefully for your brand it isn’t resuscitate.) Be consistent about nurturing your brand to keep it vibrant and beating strong.

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