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Feelin' Alright: Selling the Experience

“We know you have a choice of airlines so we want to thank you for flying with us today.” Wow that is such a great statement. I’m sure you’ve heard that spiel too many times to count. It’s part of a great brand promise. But does it align with the experience you actually have? Does it seem like instead of Passengers Are Number One Airlines, you have boarded Passengers Come Maybe Third Airlines?

The best way to sell customers on your brand and keep them loyal is to deliver on the experience they expect.

  1. Live Your Brand. If you agreed with the brand promise you and your branding company developed, you need to put some skin in the game. Words should not be empty promises or they become cause for resentment—anti–promotional. Don’t just talk the talk, walk the walk.
  2. Make Every Experience a Positive One. Bad things happen to good brands. It’s inevitable. It’s not what happens but rather how you respond to it. Be honest. Think about what you can do beyond the expected to turn a negative into a positive experience for your customers.
  3. Show Your Passion. If you aren’t enthusiastic about what you do and how you do it, how can you expect your clients to be? Sometimes it’s the small details that really show how devoted you are to being the best you can be.
  4. Surprise and Delight. Give a little extra. If you visit New Orleans, you will likely encounter the lagniappe. It’s a little gift, a gratuitous little something extra, that shows appreciation and brings a smile to your face. Doing the unexpected or giving a little more—extra service, samples, expedited delivery—reinforces the value of doing business with your brand and its people.
So, yes, customers do have a choice. Give them a great experience with your brand. Show them that you choose them and they will choose you right back. You will both be flying high in the friendly and mutually satisfying skies.

First Impression ChecklistFor a quick revelation of what may be missing from your brand experience, before you even engage your prospective client, download my free First Impression Checklist. It’ll give you some tips you can employ right away and provides a glimpse of the value a thorough brand evaluation can provide.


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