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Assess · Refresh · Impress: Is it time to revive a tired brand?

I was forced to take a little undesired vacation during October to Texas Orthopedic Hospital for hip replacement surgery. Three days with little to do but sleep, medicate and annoy the nurses gave me time to ponder a lot of things, so naturally I was thinking about, what else, branding.

I drew some parallels (and maybe it was the drugs) between how we maintain our physical engine, our body, and how we take care of our brand, the engine that drives our business.

Before the surgery, even the simple things took a lot of effort and energy. I really had to psyche myself up to try new things. I was tired. I was apprehensive about taking a step into the unknown (my first time in a hospital; first time I had been operated on). What if things didn’t work out and I came out worse than before? How long would it take for me to get back up to speed? What if they removed my arm instead—well, truth be told, that was just a nightmare from reading tabloid horror stories in the grocery line.

A lot of us operate the same way with our branding. We may limp along with the same painfully ineffective brand image we have always had. We don’t take care of ourselves—our company brand—first. If you don’t keep your brand and how you communicate your value fresh, vibrant and relevant, you won’t be there to serve your customers, or your customers won’t be there to patronize your company.

So, why procrastinate? Don’t know where to start? Afraid of change—don’t want to rock the boat! Complacency: what you have has been good enough so far, so why change? Worried that the investment in upgrading your brand image won’t be worth it? Concerned about confusing your existing customers?

Well, change is always a challenge, but if you want to breathe life into your business, it’s important to step back, assess what is working and what is not with your branding. See what needs to be refreshed: maybe it’s your logo, perhaps the web site, or the ways you communicate to customers. Then, take the steps to impress your customers and attract even more ideal clients.

Cutting away the dead wood and putting new initiatives in place when needed, will keep your brand vigorous and make your business stronger than ever. You will be dancing with joy that you did. I know that’s what I plan to be doing soon.

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