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Collaborators or Order Takers: Getting the most from your brand consultants

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There are two tiny but pivotal words in any vendor-client relationship: “for” and “with.”

As a brand catalyst, I am always working for the client to provide the most cost-effective solution that will satisfy the end objective. I have their best interests at heart.

When I work with my printer providers or web site coders, I am working “with” them. I count on them to use their expertise to enhance the result we both want for my client.

But, over the years, Iíve run into some clients who assume that because theyíve “paid good money” for my services, that my role is to be a yes-woman, an order-taker. In their minds I am working “for” them not “with” them. Itís a huge difference.

The collaborative mindset—working with your consultant or provider—is what takes a good idea to great. Two plus two suddenly equal far more than four. Allowing your brand consultant to offer fresh eyes and a different perspective is how your investment pays off exponentially.

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