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Entice, Don't Force: The power of positioning


There’s one thing for sure: When you chase something it runs away faster. When it’s on the run, itís much harder to catch.

Full disclosure, I am not a fisherman (but I’ve seen one on TV). Bear with me in this analogy.

There are many types of fishing; I’m thinking of two: harpooning and line fishing. In harpooning you might be pursuing your prey with a large pointy spear. You chase, aim, shoot and sometimes hit your target. That’s shotgun marketing.

When you’re casting a line, you use a lure—something of interest to the quarry. You wait patiently, dangling the enticement. You repeat this consistently. Eventually, the fish takes the bait. That’s positioning.

Putting out the right message—one relevant to your target audience—repeating it consistently and waiting patiently is the way to build your brand. It’s not a one-and-done. It’s long-term and relationship-based.

Don’t chase your customer. Entice them to come to you. That’s positioning and that creates a powerful brand.

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