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Expectation Station: Anticipating needs


We all tend to be creatures of habit, both in life and in business. Going to the same restaurants, working with the same customers or relying upon the same vendors. It is comforting. The predictability relieves stress, reduces worry and minimizes disappointment.

However, nothing exists in a vacuum. Life happens. Things change. Your favorite restaurant may close or get a new chef. New ones may open and compete with your old favorites.

In business, client contacts may leave for new jobs or retire. Businesses are acquired. Companies shrink. Vendors may not be a good fit anymore. Organizations expand or contract. All of these changes, though unsettling, are actually good.

Without change, we stagnate. The best solution you can provide your clients is to be tuned in to their situation. Become an Expectation Station. Anticipate whether they are going or growing. You may have outgrown them or they may outgrow you. Make the transition smooth and comfortable. There’s nothing wrong with letting go and doing it upfront and honestly.

Anticipating needs creates an opportunity for you both to have the right fit for your success and creates a fertile environment to each of you to evolve your brand.

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