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Step Up, Stand Out: Be a voice not an echo


I love that Einstein quote: “Be a voice, not an echo.” It’s great advice for life, but absolutely essential counsel for building a brand.

Many corporations don’t really understand why customers choose them. They may not be clear about the experience their brand delivers. They assume. They look around and see what everyone else is saying about his or her brand and try to emulate that message. They compete by trying to be “like.”

When you take a stand about how your brand is different from your competitors, you help potential customers to decide whether they want the experience of doing business with you. It’s not just about what service or product you provide. It’s about the how.

Your ideal client will self-select. And, that’s the connection you want. The best way to build your brand is to attract the clients who are the right fit. There is no high-pressure sales cycle or desperate price cutting or compromising your values.

It feels right. It’s authentic. It is mutually beneficial. Win-Win.

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