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Clear and Simple: Quintessential Corporate Identity

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In the design world, the more simple something appears to be, the more complicated it is to create. Achieving “Less is more,” as Mies van der Rohe said (borrowing the words of Robert Browning), is no easy accomplishment.

Building your corporate identity—a foundational component of your brand—is a process of developing many concepts, then winnowing down to what best communicates that which your brand represents, what it feels like, and to whom it is trying to appeal.

At its most basic, the process begins with a brand facilitation session or creative brief to verify:

After we review the creative brief or weigh the findings from our brand facilitation session, we brainstorm a broad range of logo concepts. Typically, in the initial concepts, we are trying to tell too big a story in a single element, so we narrow down to the most effective options and set about simplifying.

Then, through a process of removing the extraneous elements, the designs become crisper, cleaner and convey the desired impression in a much more simple and symbolic way.

The benefit? The cleaner and clearer a design is, the stronger the impact it has. It is easier for the viewer to remember, and reinforces the impression and experience of your brand. The logo represents the essence of your brand. Keep it simple—less is more.

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