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Dress to Express: Exuding the brand personality

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It’s the little things: A fine dining experience that offers an amuse bouche to set your taste buds up for the delights that will follow; A shop that offers you a glass of champagne while you peruse; or, the peanut shells and sawdust on the floor of a Country Western dance hall. All of these are expressions of the brand personality.

And, all of these are designed to set the stage for what you can expect. Preparing your target audience for an experience is important because, 1) most people are apprehensive about the unknown—we don’t like surprises; and 2) foreshadowing what’s to come builds anticipation in a positive way—it entices.

Your company can prepare potential clients for—and reinforce with existing customers—the experience of doing business with your organization by expressing your brand personality at each and every interaction of your brand and your target audience.

How you dress the simplest interactions adds to the anticipation and memorability of the experience. If you’re the C & W dance hall above, you have a rustic entry door. Maybe the handle is wrapped with leather or twine. Your voice mail message could be “…We’re out in the North Forty right now, but, we’ll holler back when we return…” rather than “We’re sorry we can’t take your call right now.” It sets the stage. It builds the anticipation.

When you express your brand personality at every opportunity, you fully commit to owning what your brand represents and to whom it is speaking. You allow the interested to self-select. You affirm the choice of your loyal customers. Most importantly, you don’t waste the time of those who are not your customer. They will move on to find the right fit for them. Don’t be afraid to do you.

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