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Crawling Out of Your Comfort Zone: Updating without upheaval

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Here’s a little geography quiz: Can you name the capital of the Land of Denial? No? It’s the Comfort Zone. Most of us like it so well, once we visit, we don’t want to leave.

In business, many of us avoid change. And, we have many justifiers for maintaining status quo with our brand:

Now don’t get me wrong, to paraphrase a line from When Harry Met Sally, “You can’t get through the day without a good justifier.” However, if you are using any of the above points to justify letting your brand lie fallow, you may as well pull the plug right now. Your brand is going to die.

You can keep the brand fresh and lively by including brand building as a line item in your business plan. That makes it a priority for funding and planning, and integral to your business processes. Choose a brand professional to provide outside eyes to keep your team honest.

Your brand is a living entity and that means you need to invest in its care and feeding to keep it vibrant, relevant and doing what it does best: Strengthening your reputation at every instance where your brand interacts with stakeholders. Don’t let the Comfort Zone become your brand’s Happy Place.

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