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Know When to Go Pro: Avoiding DIY Disasters

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We live in marvelous times. Technology makes it seem as though anyone can Google what they want to do, make or achieve, and, through the magic of Internet resources, make it happen. And seems is the operative word here.

Watching YouTube is great for simple home repairs. A video may help you understand a complex process more clearly—but it’s no substitute for talent and experience. In business—I don’t want to burst your bubble here, but—it may be unrealistically ambitious to believe you can go from understanding zero about branding to crafting an effective program and support materials to showcase what your company does best.

When deciding whether it’s time to hire a branding professional, consider these factors:

Many leaders and entrepreneurs are challenged to relinquish control of any aspect of building the company. When it’s your responsibility to see things go right, it can be hard to trust that an outside professional will bring the same concern and passion that you do. However, it is also your responsibility to make sure you have the best talent in place to build your brand—and to know when it’s time to avoid the potential pitfalls of DIY and go with a pro.

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