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Coming in Hot: How not to develop your brand identity


I got a call a couple of months ago from someone who has a successful commercial and residential services company. He is evolving his business service offering with a new name geared to better suit the audience he wants to attract and needed “just a quick logo.” Uh oh.

I know his service offering is not “just a quick” solution for his clients. His brand value is that he delivers quality through conscientious workmanship, skill and great customer service. Why would he not want to invest time in developing a logo that will showcase his company and build his brand?

Your brand and that for which it stands is embodied in your identity. The business logo is the face you present to your buying public—it’s often the first impression people get of your company. Do you really want to settle for drive-through logo service? If you were getting cosmetic surgery, would you want the face you present to the world to be just something quick and slapdash? I hope your answer is no.

When you are developing a logo to support your brand, you should:

If you are coming in hot, you may overshoot or totally miss your goal. Rushing, shortcutting or going cheap on the identity development process will be a costly mistake in the end. That’s how not to develop your logo program. Instead, develop a brand identity that will do the heavy lifting to position your business as the right solution for your target customers.

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