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Wooing with Words: Connecting through connotation


Full disclosure: I am not a professional writer, but I am a shameless word nerd. Words are powerful little entities that pack a big punch. The right word triggers an instant visual. It stimulates an emotional response.

When you are writing about your brand, choose your words carefully. The right word will conjure up the feelings and images that you intend your audience to experience when they think about doing business with your company. You set expectations so potential customers are less wary and more prepared to do business with you.

Words hone your message so that it speaks to the audience you want to reach. You whittle away people who are not your customer. For example, let’s say you are a fine clothier. If you use the words, “trouser” and “bespoke” in your message, you will likely not attract those interested in hip-hop, flip-flops, t-shirts or tattoos. Conversely, if you want to attract an audience with any of those interests, you’d better change up your words, dawg.

Language is alive with nuance and connotation. Shades and shadows of meaning play a powerful role in our understanding and our ability to read between the lines. Your target audience feels a connection with you when you are speaking their language. When you woo with words, you are painting an image in a prospect’s mind. You prepare the reader or listener with a frame of reference so they “know” you. Words are the links that forge a connection between your brand and your ideal customer. Word.

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