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Your Big 3: Decluttering your message


If you’re passionate about your product or service, you probably can’t wait to tell your audience everything about it. I mean everything. Ad nauseam. While it’s good that you have all that brilliance with which to dazzle them, what they most want to know is: “What can it do for me?”

That’s your hook. That’s what will keep prospects listening. That’s what they will remember about your brand, business, service or product.

Unfortunately, all too often businesses bury that tasty morsel deep in a muddy mess of All About Us messaging. Presenters lead with their capabilities and qualifications, rather than describing situations and challenges—just like those the listeners face—and showing the solution and value they delivered. By the time the speakers get to case histories or success stories, the audience’s eyes have glazed over.

You have about two minutes maximum to arrest the prospect’s attention and get them to want to hear more. Use that time wisely. Craft your Big 3 go-to messages that The more clear, concise and customer-focused your Big 3 are, the better your opportunity to establish that your company cares about its customers and to encourage prospects to build a long term relationship with your brand.

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