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Rethink Possible: Brand promises gone wrong

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It’s a thorn in my side. Our digital cable, with all its fits and starts, skips, stutters and freezes turns everything a little Max Headroom. More salt in the wound are all those commercials from the provider touting the excellent reception and bandwidth. Who’s kidding whom? As I have to reset the router and restart for the bazillionth time, I am DEFINITELY rethinking possible…the possibility of a more reliable provider. They have broken their promise to provide what I expect.

So, how do brands get into this situation?

It’s a classic case of the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing. Branding and marketing teams work to promote what engineering and technology teams develop. The gap comes when no one is checking on the execution and customer experience. Somewhere someone has dropped the ball. The end user feels hoodwinked and betrayed. Promise broken.

Here’s the obvious, yet often overlooked prescription for success: follow up, circle around, check in. Put a system in place that removes assumption from the equation.

Brand integrity drives customer loyalty and encourages brand ambassadors. Don’t just make the promise, be sure your company is keeping it. Don’t make your clients rethink choosing you.

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