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That Dog Won't Hunt: Keeping it real


If you have donned hip waders and listened to any political rhetoric or debate lately, you probably realize how easy it can be for the speaker to drink his or her own Kool-aid and slip through the delicate membrane that separates reality from fantasy. Like a seed planted in the dark, a simple fact can sprout, push its way to daylight and emerge transformed with no semblance of its humble beginning.

And, who doesn’t enjoy a good yarn? It grabs your attention and holds you riveted, waiting to hear more. Every business should have its own wonderful, engaging brand stories to share. Here are three key things to keep in mind as you craft your brand stories.

The key to any great brand story is to keep it relevant and honest. Showcase your commitment to excel. Leave the tall tales for bedtime. Don’t rely on bull-dookey to embellish your reputation—prospects smell it a mile away and that dog won’t hunt.

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