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Cost versus Investment: A perspective on pricing


After surviving many years as an in-house corporate marketing guru, I learned one very painful lesson: too many managers, VPs and C-levels consider any money spent on marketing and branding as a necessary evil—as an expense—rather than an investment. I felt this viscerally when my budget was the first to be hacked when we all needed “to tighten our belts.” Short-sighted on their parts.

Steadily allocating budget to market and build a strong brand is an investment in evolving and growing your business. You’re also creating a rainy day account that keeps you top-of-mind with clients when the economy dips. You have laid a strong foundation and established a relationship with customers.

When you have been steadily taking initiatives to keep the brand front and center, people already know your name and what you stand for. They know what your brand brings to the table. They recognize your organization as the “go-to” for [insert the solution you provide clients here].

Costs come when you haven’t invested and are forced to spend heavily on the next big thing to stand out against competitors who have been minding the brand all along.

If you are seeking branding solutions and think you cannot afford the investment consider the cost it you don’t take action. The price suddenly doesn’t seem so out of reach.

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