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Knee-jerk is a no-no: Right versus right now

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Does this scenario sound familiar? For months your leadership team has talked about refreshing your company’s marketing or updating your brand. Now, suddenly, they are ready to flip the switch. Immediately. The next question is “How soon can we have it done?” and the anticipated answer is “Yesterday!”

In the haste to get things rolling, your executive in charge of managing the brand may go for the low hanging fruit, just to expedite the process. Avoid these common mistakes that can occur when you make knee-jerk decisions that affect your brand.

Herd the Cats—Make sure your team is clear on goals, expectations and positioning. Don’t bring outside talent into muddy waters. The more clarity and alignment your team brings to the process, the more efficient your brand consultants can be. Simply, you’ll get more bang for your buck.

Don’t Succumb to the Fame Game—Choosing a big name agency that gets a lot of buzz may inflate some egos but will it strengthen your brand? Some may think you can’t go wrong with the big name splashing itself all over the business news, but they may not be the right firm for you. Your branding agency should be a good fit, not only in personality but also in size. Why?

If you select a large firm to whom you will be small potatoes, you won’t get the partners working on your business, you’ll get the junior staff. They may be very talented, however, you pay a premium for supporting the big agency overhead and all that goes with it.

The Goldilocks Principle—Ideally you want to hire a brand consultant or firm that is just right sized. You should be a medium size client to them. It you are too big for the agency, you won’t get the attention, speed and services you require. If you are too small for the firm, you’ll pay high fees for staff and overhead you don’t need.

No Need for Speed—It is usually a long, slow process for a board of directors, company leaders, or owners to hit the “Go!” button on branding. Similarly, take an adequate amount of time to choose outside branding counsel. Do the due diligence. Ask questions. Get a personal read. See how the initial relationship feels.

Getting branding right is more important than getting it right now.

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