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What's Your Position? Shining the spotlight on your superpower


In this political year we hear the word “position” thrown around a lot. Positioning in your business works much the same as it does for politics, minus the hyperbole, snarky comments and bad hair.

Expressing your position helps your target audience understand what your brand is all about. It allows them to see what your business does best. It highlights your business philosophy so potential customers can distinguish you from competitors.

Positioning provides the opportunity to pour on your special sauce, seasoning the client experience with the anticipation of doing business with you. It will encourage your ideal client to select you and discourage those for whom you are not a good fit.

So how do you amp up your positioning?

Shining the spotlight on your superpower helps your audience tag your business in their mind. Make it easy for others to identify what makes your brand and organization different from competitors. People will refer to your company as “The” rather than “A.” You become The One rather than just another of many.

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