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Being There: How blogging builds your brand


We are currently in the throes of in-your-face, truth-contorting, political advertising on both a national and local level. Enduring such an onslaught of unwanted and inescapable promotion makes you recoil from the thought of producing any content to market your own company. But you don’t have to be those people.

Marketing receives a bum rap, but actually marketing done right is a service. It helps the seeker identify a provider who may be a compatible fit for what they need. Good marketing and branding help the shopper or procurer eliminate the clutter of options and make a more informed, appropriate selection. It helps to shorten the engagement cycle so you can get down to what you need.

Blogs or enewsletters are often part of a marketing strategy. Typically, once you set an editorial strategy, blogging begins with sending to your list and/or posting to your business’ social media pages. You allow the recipient to read, ignore, delete or unsubscribe from the content. Some will read or at least skim. Some will share or repost. The important thing is to keep a consistent schedule.

Here are some ways blogging benefits your brand and what to expect:

Blogging is about just being there much of the time. It is not a sales tool; it’s a relationship-building tool. It’s a way to say, “I’m thinking about you—maybe this information will help you.” When you position yourself as an expert, helpful resource, you not only help your audience, you also build your brand.

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