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Just Right: Using sense to guide your branding dollars


I think most of us know the story of Goldilocks: the young blonde B & E perpetrator who enters the home of the Bear family (Papa, Mama and Baby) while they are away at work, Pilates and soccer practice respectively. The confused girl exhausts herself rifling through the pantry and lounging on the furniture until she falls asleep. She can’t seem to figure out what will best satisfy her needs. Nothing seems to fit the bill; it’s too hot, too cold, too big or too small.

I’ve noticed that organizations growing through mergers or companies looking for an agency to elevate their brand seem to have an equally perplexing time finding a good fit. Now that they are a bigger company, they can afford a big name agency. But, is that the wisest choice? It might be fun to hire the new cutting edge agency, but is that the best value for the money?

It’s important to put your brand investment where it will yield the best result. Here are a few points to consider so you will make the right choice for your organization.

Keep these ideas in mind and your story will have a happy ending. You will find the best firm to build your brand—the one that fits just right.

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