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The Fatal Five: A quintuple of quirks that make logos losers


The logo is the star of your company’s identity program. It has some big goals to achieve. It should be a visual symbol that encapsulates the brand experience—reinforcing the memory of your mojo.

Your logo should build an expectation of what it feels like to do business with your organization. It’s a magnet to help the right client be attracted to your company. Developing a strong logo is an investment and commitment to supporting your brand.

These areas are where you can avoid the five fatal faux pas when developing your visual identity:

If you avoid these pitfalls, you won’t be shamed by a loser logo. Your business will benefit from a logo that distinguishes your company, sets an expectation of your brand personality, works where you need it and that you are proud to bandy about on your signage, business cards and web site.

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