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Tell Me Where To Go: Adding a hierarchy to your information


In business most of us find that we canít keep everyone happy all the time. Ultimately you will interact with someone who will be more than willing to tell you where to go. In the Northeast, it may include vocabulary-stretching expletives. In the South you will be told where to go in such a way that you may look forward to the trip.

But, today I want to talk about actual directional help, not figurative travels to less than desirable locales. I enjoy a scavenger hunt as much as the next person, but when I am trying to find the answers or resources I need, I want to be directed to that expeditiously. I need to know that I am in the right spot and on track to find what I am looking for. I don’t want to run smack into a wall of confusion that has nothing to do with my issue or end up in a warren of wrong turns with no end in sight. And you don’t want me to either.

Why? Because confused visitors, prospects and customers don’t buy or buy into what your brand has to offer.

So to avoid confusion, misdirection and frustration for your audience, it is important to lay a logical path for the searcher to follow. Whether you are developing a web site for your business, giving a TED Talk, presenting a technical paper, providing orientation materials, or branding a seminar or event, organizing your content in a strategic manner is key.

Why is a hierarchy of information essential? Because you will

As a leader, it is important to set the stage for the result you want to achieve. Think clarity, not chaos. Telling your target audience where to go by providing information in a strategic, logical hierarchy is a service from which you will both reap real benefits.

What do you overlook that is hurting your brand?

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It is ideal for businesses that have grown organically or companies who have evolved through mergers and need to clarify the brand image.

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