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Say What? Corporate-speak clouds communications

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’Tis the season…I’m not talking about Easter or Passover; not even Christmas or Chanukah. It’s the political season. That’s right. Just when I’ve recovered from the last onslaught of nonsense, it’s time once again.

We get the double whammy here: Our mayor has reached her term limit, so the sharks are circling. Top that off with the start of the Presidential campaigns, and well, I’m going to need hip waders and a much bigger shovel. (I’ve been bookmarking web site pages for front-end loaders.)

We are bombarded by political rhetoric. Unfortunately, we aren’t dazzled by brilliance. What really irritates me is that if there is a point in their message, it is so buried in gobbledygook, innuendo and misdirection that I just feel my brain recoiling in pain.

I’m sure we’ve all seen parallels in business. When the company isn’t clear about its core brand message, communications fail to align with what the business stands for. The core message becomes enshrouded in layers of meaningless filler. It misses the mark and fails to engage customers. It misses opportunities to reinforce the brand.

Keep your message strong and content King by keeping these points in mind:

When you clear the corporate-speak from your communication, your audience can see your brand has something to say—and they will be all ears.

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