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Look at You! Your brand in the mirror


If youíre like most professionals, you know how important it is to have everything in good working order. You sign up for your annual physical. You schedule preventative maintenance for your vehicle. You back up your computer files. (You do back up your computer, right?) You have regular grooming appointments. You do what it takes to perform and represent yourself at your best. You want to like the results reflecting back to you.

Meanwhile, unless you are Apple or another Fortune Global 500 company, your brand sits neglected in the back seat. When you are doing well, it gets none of the credit; when times are tight, you cast a shadow of blame on it.

Donít be a hater. Your brand wants to shine. It wants to make your company look good. It just needs a little care and feeding on a regular basis. Itís time to hold your brand up to the mirror. Take a careful look to see what it needs to deliver results for you.

While you sleep, your brand is diligently working away to build your reputation. Give it some support and it will pay you back many times over. Acknowledge it every day. Bring it to parties. Take it on the road. Get it out in front of customers. Give it a social (media) life. Throw it a bone, for goodness sakes. Youíll like what you see in the mirror.

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