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When Brands Go Bad: Failure to delight and surprise

Fast forward

I light votive offerings to the media and technology gods who make it possible for me to record my favorite guilty pleasures on TV so I can speed watch them at my convenience without the annoyance of bad advertising. Not that all advertising is bad. I love a clever ad. Sometimes they are better than the TV shows. I’m talking about the bad, the tired, and the uninspired.

Regardless of the medium, at every point where your brand touches the client or other shareholders, you need to engage them. Once you kindle the initial interest, you need to keep the fires of curiosity and captivation burning bright. Failure to do so means you will lose these valuable assets: the attention, loyalty and support of your audience.

We humans are a fickle bunch. We get tired of the same old, same old. Even those of us who tend to stay the course and color inside the lines, can have our attention diverted by the next shiny bright thing.

So how do you keep your brand from going bad, being bland and losing its freshness?

Never miss an opportunity to delight and surprise your customers and your public. It lets them know you are tuned in and understand their needs. It shows your brand is alive and aware…and ready to take things up a notch to make their experience impressive.

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