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TMI: Feeding not forcing your message


“TMI” (too much information, in case you live in a cave in Tibet) is usually something we exclaim when faced with an over-sharing situation. By extension—work with me here—TMI can mean “too much input.”

Ever watch a competitive eating event like the Hot Dog Eating Contest hosted by Nathanís Famous each year? Chances are you look away revolted when Miki Sudo or Joey Chesnut are cramming in those last record-making dogs and buns, with the overflow spewing out. Itís just too much.

Or have you ever been on the receiving end of a blind date where, “Tell me a little bit about yourself” became a marathon event? TMI, people, TMI.

No one likes to be force fed, literally or figuratively. Unfortunately, some businesses ignore this and try to cram way too much all-about-themselves brand messaging into us. Instead, we like to be enticed, intrigued, lured, and seduced. Nothing is more seductive than feeling that someone is listening to you and understands your needs.

Think about how a chefís tasting at an exclusive restaurant unfolds. You begin with just a spoonful of exquisite flavor—the amuse bouche. It literally means to amuse the mouth. Itís a tease. They follow that up with tiny plates of food, all very delicious and perfectly prepared and presented—dazzling the taste buds and the eye. You swear at the beginning youíll never have enough to eat, but by the end you are comfortably sated. All those luscious little bites added up to a satisfying finish.

And, thatís also how you should get your brand message out. In little tantalizing, carefully crafted bites. Give your audience time and space to digest what you have given them. Make them crave the next bit of information. Dole it out slowly in manageable increments. Present it beautifully. Be aware of how they receive it. Make the experience memorable. Leave them wanting to learn more.

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